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Silvertip Badger Brush

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 Product Description

Silvertip is the most expensive and the most luxurious of all the shaving brushes available. The bristles feel incredibly soft and gently tickle the skin. Silvertip is sourced from the neck hair of the Chinese Badger, the neck hair is the softest, rarest and most expensive kind of badger hair. In the winter this neck hair gets extremely light tips hence the name Silver Tip. Silvertip bristles are not as straight as other badger hair so it looks softer in appearance. This softness lends the brush its ability to hold a large amount of water which helps create a dense shaving lather quickly and effortlessly.

The handle is neatly formed from faux ivory resin and feels good to hold. It is important to understand that badger hair can vary slightly as to shading and attributes, as do all natural products, so we check that our brushes are obviously Silvertips in appearance.

It is not uncommon for hand made silver tip brushes to cost hundreds of dollars so how can we offer a brush at such a great price? All modern shaving brushes are made with Chinese badger, the British and North American badger is a protected species so you will not find a brush made from these countries animals. We source our product directly from China and can pass on the savings to our customers.

There are many brands of brushes on the market and range vastly in price. This is due to the numerous options available for the bristles and then the quality of workmanship gone into the making. At the bottom end of the price range are brushes made from pig hair. These bristles are very stiff and a little bit scratchy. The pig brushes tend to be small in size with the bristles are almost always light brown or sandy in colour.

You will pay more for badger hair and again the price on these varies dependent on which part of the animal the hair comes from. One thing they all have in common is that the hair is all sourced from China. European badgers are an endangered species but in China they are classified as a pest and are a source of food for many people. The pelt is a by product and sold for it's bristles.

Badger is the best hair for shaving due to it's natural ability to retain just the right amount of water at the tip of each hair. To get the most out of a brush you should look for one made purely from badger hair. Badger is the best known material for the retention of water making it perfect for shaving brushes.

Why use a shaving brush?

When you use a shaving brush you will find that you can obtain a dense lather from just a very small amount of soap so a pot or bar is going to last many months. A relatively inexpensive pot of soap or creme is saving you money and reducing your waste to landfill with no more empty foam cans to throw away. 

How to use a badger brush

Badger hair brushes do need to be broken in, this can take up to a few weeks of use before the brush will begin to create a lather at the desired level of performance. You will know if the brush is new because it will have an animal smell about it, this will quickly fade after a couple of weeks use and take on the scent of your favorite product. When you dip your brush into a bowl of hot water, after a quick shake it will still hold enough moisture to quickly whip up a decent lather from either a shaving soap or cream. When you apply the lather use a circular motion as this will lift your facial hair from your skin creating a lubricating barrier for a smooth shave. You need to look after your brush and the best way of storing a it is on a purpose built stand with the brush hanging upside down to dry out.

 Product Reviews

  1. Silver tip Badger Brush review rating

    Posted by Don on 1st Oct 2015

    Very pleased with this product and surprised at it effectiveness

  2. Great brush review rating

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jun 2012

    Only 22, get bad shavers rash and have trouble with ingrown hairs - this whole process has made a world of difference.


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