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Finishing the Next Batch of Razors


Due to some very big orders from the USA, UK and Europe we have sold out of Goodfella Razors. Production is being increased and they will be back in stock next week once the first batch gets here from the platers. Why the sudden increase in popularity internationally for the Goofella Razor? Maybe it is something to do with being named the best open comb razor by @Mantic59 the internet's leading shaving guru. Here's a couple of images taken as we hand finish the razor head and comb to get that smooth, non aggressive, head into shape just for you. This takes time and requires a skilled eye for detail. 




Mantic59s Best DE Razors full post can be read on his website Sharpologist.com

Here is the extract for you to read


Here are what I consider the “best” razors in several different categories.  This is based on:

  1. My own experience;
  2. the experience of other users as read on various internet forums and blogs;
  3. reputation of the manufacturer;
  4. length of time on the market;
  5. razor’s general availability and popularity;
  6. razor’s over-all value (quality vs. price).

Remember the old adage, “Your Mileage May Vary!”

Best Open Comb Razor: Goodfella three piece (note that this is a fairly gentle razor.  Honorable Mention: Muhle R41 with the 2013 head – a much more aggressive razor)


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