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Edwin Jagger 2014 Range Now In Store

Edwin Jagger kindly sent along a few of their new razors to trial out with our last order of shaving products. Shaving with the DE89 razor is a pleasure. The handles are balanced, with a reassuring weight and feel, giving a satisfying close shave. After a couple of shaves to trial the new head design an order was swiftly placed for a pile of these shiny new razors.

Edwin Jagger DE89 Razor Rubber Handle

The new Edwin Jagger Traditional Safety Razors are going to prove popular. The DE8 collection all have similar dimensions but vary by chrome colour finish or handle material and patterning. The rubber handle is something I've not seen before and it's grip in the wet is terrific. These fabulous, much talked about, Double Edged Razors are fitted with the latest Edwin Jagger DE blade head which has created great interest among experienced wet shavers. The closed comb head is expertly engineered and is finished with high quality chrome plate.

For the price these razors are exceptional quality, thanks to the NZ exchange rate you can pick one of these razors up starting at just over $40.

The best shave is always achieved using good quality Edwin Jagger Shaving Cream of course applied with a badger brush. Matching Edwin Jagger Shaving Brushes are available for their black and ivory coloured razors and there is a Edwin Jagger Razor Stand designed to hold your new razor too.

Bluebeards Revenge in Stock and on Sale

Check out the special pricing on Bluebeards Revenge products and gift sets, we are fully stocked and these items are ready to fly out the door. Take this opportunity and find out why Bluebeards Shave Cream was voted the number one shaving product by FHM Magazine.

  About Readers Award

Bluebeards has an extensive range of grooming products, so get a post shave balm and mens deodorant for a matching trifecta. 

Blubeards have a safety razor and shavette (cut throat razor), get one or get a gift set that combines your razor of choice and the grooming products.

Buy now, we ship fast in NZ from Auckland.

Goodfella Gifts For Men are Back for Xmas

Xmas gifts for men are back in stock on the website, a fresh batch of razors is ready to go so choose one of our gift sets now and we will delivery to your door within a couple of days. How easy is that? and to sweeten the deal take 20% off if you use the checkout coupon code XMAS4HIM is now in stock and ready to make the perfect Christmas stocking filler for him. You won't find our grooming kits anywhere else so you know that you are buying something special and that unique gift for him.

Finishing the Next Batch of Razors

Due to some very big orders from the USA, UK and Europe we have sold out of Goodfella Razors. Production is being increased and they will be back in stock next week once the first batch gets here from the platers. Why the sudden increase in popularity internationally for the Goofella Razor? Maybe it is something to do with being named the best open comb razor by @Mantic59 the internet's leading shaving guru. Here's a couple of images taken as we hand finish the razor head and comb to get that smooth, non aggressive, head into shape just for you. This takes time and requires a skilled eye for detail. 




Mantic59s Best DE Razors full post can be read on his website Sharpologist.com

Here is the extract for you to read


Here are what I consider the “best” razors in several different categories.  This is based on:

  1. My own experience;
  2. the experience of other users as read on various internet forums and blogs;
  3. reputation of the manufacturer;
  4. length of time on the market;
  5. razor’s general availability and popularity;
  6. razor’s over-all value (quality vs. price).

Remember the old adage, “Your Mileage May Vary!”

Best Open Comb Razor: Goodfella three piece (note that this is a fairly gentle razor.  Honorable Mention: Muhle R41 with the 2013 head – a much more aggressive razor)



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