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Safety Razors

All our safety razors come with free shipping in NZ.

We think we have created one of the best safety razors available today and so do our customers, if you are not convinced then best click to read reviews of the Goodfella Safety Razor.

A few customers asked "why don't you produce a closed comb razor too", well the Bluebeards Revenge Scimitar is the reason. This stunning razor is the alternative to the Goodfellas open comb razor, hey Bluebeards have been selling Goodfella in the UK for years so it's only right we return the compliment.

Edwin Jagger Safety Razors are new 2014 designs and they have been getting rave reviews around the world with their stylish looks and great performance. Thanks to the high NZ exchange rate these razors are exceptional value, don't be deceived by the price, they are extremely high quality build. 

As for Merkur, these razors are the worlds most popular safety razor. In demand, quite often you will see these out of stock because Merkur can't keep up supply for the demand of their most popular models. If you want a Merkur grab it today before someone else does.

Click on the images below to buy one of the best safety razors in NZ.

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