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Safety Razors

With our new designs we feel that the latest Goodfella Safety Razors are unbeatable. The original Goodfella was one of the best safety razors available, plenty of happy customers agree and it recently appeared in the UK's top ten safety razors. If you are not convinced then best click on one of the images below and read the reviews.

Our new open and closed comb razors keep the same beautiful aesthetics whilst increasing in weight and length. You asked for a closed comb, you asked for a longer handle and now you can have both. The new razors come in New Zealand made leather travel pouches. These new razors have taken three years to develop and I hate to say it but they are an improvement on the original razor. The head on the original is hand made and is time consuming to create, the new heads are machined and quicker to produce making them really affordable.

All Goodfella Razors are New Zealand made

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