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Razor Blades

I've trialled a lot of razor blades spending many mornings shaving and searching for a long lasting, inexpensive blade that provides a smooth irritation free shave. The razor blades you see here consistently prove to be the best razor blades by combining outstanding performance with an inexpensive price tag. I've trialled all these blades with the Goodfella Safety Razor and they will work equally as well in other makes of safety razor too. All these blades are made from high grade stainless steel so they will not rust out, the cutting edges have various coatings to stay sharper for longer.

If you don't have a safety razor look at the price for a box of one hundred blades and you'll have to say why am I spending so much money on disposable multiple blade cartridges in the supermarket? A box of one hundred blades will last you a couple of years if you change the blade every fortnight.

To get the best performance I recommend that you change the razor blade every two weeks but this is dependant on the thickness of your beard and if you shave every day. If you have sensitive skin or acne you should change the blade once a week as a dirty blade will irritate your skin plus a new, sharp blade is actually kinder on sensitive skin.

If you shave with a shavette then grab a pack of single edge razor blades.

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