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Caring for Men's Skin

Men's skin care in now serious business. It's the most important thing you can do after a shave if you want movie star good looks. I'm telling you now that women prefer the touch of a moisturised face. Male grooming is widly accepted these days and the added benefit of more female attention cannot be discounted. This applies to all guys and if you are married then it's more likely that your wife buys you an aftershave balm because she wants you to look your best for her.

So why wouldn't you spend a little time caring and protecting your skin? You have just finished dragging a very sharp blade over your face, here is what you need to do as a minimum solution.

Rinse your face in cool water to close pores and tone the skin. Apply aftershave balm or gel that contain vitamins, natural oils to moisturize, and aloe vera that helps heal the skin. Avoid anything that contains chemicals and do not not splash aftershave lotion or cologne on your face, the alcohol will sting and may cause redness. Do apply your own fragrance to chest area and shoulders but don't over do, subtlety works best here.

Finally, if you look after and care for your shaving gear not only will it last a lifetime but a clean razor is going to prevent skin irritation. If you use a shaving brush it should be rinsed clean in hot water and hung upside down to dry. If your razor felt like it was starting to drag across your face this is a sure sign that you need to replace the blade ready for the next day's shave and whilst you have the blade removed clean all the parts of the safety razor with a damp towel.

These men's skincare tips are brought to you by Goodfella, use our products and you will see your skin condition improve and you may just start to look younger too.

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