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The Australian Telegraph says "The classy, Sean Connery-Bond style of the Goodfella Razor makes it look straight off the silver screen" whilst Luxury Magazine thinks it "makes shaving fun again" and even Tone Magazine "which generally goes for an electronic gadget everytime prefers the feel of blade on bristle than the lawnmower-like grind of an electric shaver"

Investing in a real shaving kit that's going to last a life time makes financial sense especially when the replacement blades are so inexpensive.

We are going to tell you how to shave with one of these classic razor so that everyday you can give yourself a comfortable, smooth and enjoyable experienced that will leave your skin in the best possible condition. 

Luxury Gift Sets for Men

We have a unique collection of gift sets to complement our men's razors including natural soaps, luxury creams, badger hair brushes and shaving stands. You won't find our mens gift sets for sale anywhere else but here so you know you are buying something special.

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We ship worldwide from Auckland, New Zealand we offer a fast, inexpensive delivery service to your door. All orders are usually sent within two business days from receipt of payment. Click the Shipping and Terms link below to see our low rates, it does not matter the size of your order you pay the fixed fee for your country.

Goodfella Shaving Store Reviews

Right here in New Zealand we think we have created one of the best safety razors available today and so do our customers so click to read reviews of our NZ made safety razor.

modern design of the mens razor New Zealand By Design The Goodfella razor demonstrates another way New Zealand design and manufacturing can position itself in global markets. Razors along with toothbrushes, are among the consumer products that have suffered most from continuous redesign at the hands of highly competitive global players....sold online through a growing list of local and overseas retailers
fhm australian razors FHM Australia Modelled on the vintage safety razor and built from stainless steel and chrome, it's a lifetime razor with replacement blades costing just 30c each.
must have gifts for men online Red Bulletin New Zealand Must Haves Finished with the same black chrome you see on mag wheels you know this stylish razor is built to last.
nz wilderness gifts for men Wilderness The ideal travel companion, hotel or DOC hut you will always look your best. Buy your Fathers Day gifts online at
good sustainable green shaving Good Magazine the sustainable green benefits of the traditional wet shave naturally the Goodfella is featured very strongly and reviewed by the writer. They even published our six tips for a great shave.
god fella grooming guide

Crimes Against Grooming You can be meticulous as you like with shaving prep but if you top it off with a blunt razor, all your efforts will be down the plug hole. It's easy to forget that disposable razors are in fact...disposable, having a reasonably short lifespan of about two weeks or lasting between three to eight shaves, depending on the state of your beard. M2 recommends for men the Goodfella Razor

For over ten years I’d been very happy using an old school razor and double edge razor blades, they gave a great shave. The razor was given to me by my mother in law and it had been her father’s. It wasn’t pretty, but it did the job.

When I started searching for a replacement, I can say that I never had any idea that pursuit would lead to the creation of my own manufacturing company. Looking back I was surprised that you couldn't buy a safety razor in the supermarket. So, I tried the latest technological advances  - multiple blades, lubricating strips, and batteries to make the thing buzz. Expensive throw away items promoted on their over engineering at the expense of a quality shave. Turning to the internet and eBay I got second hand unloved razors. I found shaving blogs and forums. One European manufacturer kept getting good referrals so I bought one though it didn’t do as well as my old razor.

I couldn’t find a razor I liked. I still preferred the old one but knew improvements could be made to modernise it. I worked on a concept design then tapped into around a century of experience from engineers and tool makers. Grey hair, dirty fingernails and blue technician coats - these guys told it straight. Utilising computer aided design and modern materials we built a product of today's technology a product built to last. For a year we worked on the prototype followed by six months testing and fine tuning.

The Goodfella Double Edged Safety Razor was born, named after those good fellas who helped in it’s creation and that old good fellow, my wife’s grandfather who's original razor sent me on this journey.

We had a product was there a market? Well do you care about your appearance, do you buy premium products recommended by friends and the media? Do you feel like looking good today?

I know you will enjoy using my products and I look forward to hearing from you,

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